Exclusive Eye Wear – NYC


Located Downtown Brooklyn, Exclusive Eye Wear is a leader in optical retailing, offering impeccable customer service, quality products along with some of the largest brand names in designer eyewear.



Vision Care & Fashion


Vision Care & Fashion

Exclusive Eye Wear specializes in vision care and stays abreast with the best quality and latest trends relating to designer eye wear. Examinations are provided by optometrists who specialize in vision care, correction, and patient awareness.

We offer full service along with affordable elegance. If a specific designer style or model is needed we will obtain it. Providing the best quality lenses, we have a state of the art lab that will customize your prescription. Regardless of the complexity of the prescription we service the best quality lenses that are tailored and fit with precision.

We also have technicians on the premises who repair and provide adjustments. Please feel free to contact us regarding any inquiries that you may have in reference to vision care or designer eyewear. Join us on twitter, facebook, etc.. as we are constantly updating our post with the latest models and advice.